Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Common frog (Rana temporaria)

Common toads (Bufo bufo)

Hi guys, this is my first upload and looking at what’s already up I thought these would slot quite nicely in to the growing portfolio that is already here. 
    For those who didn’t know these are common frogs and toads during mating season, spring. I managed to get surprisingly close to them; I am guessing because they were preoccupied with other, slightly more important things than a giant holding a camera inches from their faces. I took these in late march and frogs being frogs they had probably been at it since February. I've got to give it to them they have stamina.  They don’t eat a thing during this season as there only focus is to mate. Each female will lay over 1000 eggs but weirdly due to high infant morality (from being eaten)and the rapid spread of  a number of new and  deadly disease’s their numbers have been decreasing along with those of the common toad.
            Ed Smit

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