Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Roe Deer (Caprelolus capreolus), our most numerous deer (around 500,000 in the UK) and one of only two species of native deer (Red and Roe). Often spotted along field margins they are easily identified by a white rump patch as they flee. Their Latin name means 'The little goat".

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  1. Hello - just to let you know that as from November 2013, there is a small group of biologists who have conceived a research project to identify the distribution and abundance of Roe Deer in the county. If anyone is wishing to join this research group please make contact with the Coordinator the Cornwall Deer Research Programme which is part of the Kernow Mammal Society and has associations with the Cornwall Mammal Group...They can be contacted on 07415 628628.

    For your information, the U.K. Deer Initiative comment that in 2009 the number of wild deer in the UK is estimated at about 2 million; 875,000 of these being Roe Deer and 300,000 Muntjac Deer. There numbers are increasing by about 5 % per annum owing to greater availability of food in the winter and the availability of habitat and their general nocturnal habits. The numbers of Roe Deer have almost doubled since 1999 across mid Europe!