Sunday, 22 January 2012

Crabs and Clingfish

Went down to Wembury bay in Devon this morning for a bit of bodyboarding/surfing and I had a quick look  round the rockpools after. Wembury is a marine protected area so can have some great surprises hidden away.
The  first video shows a pre mate pair of common hermit crabs. The female is only receptive for a short time so the male will drag her around unceremoniously until she becomes receptive. About halfway through another crab arrives, he looks a bit too small to be challenging the male; a female seeking attention perhaps?
The second video is of my favourite fish- the Cornish Sucker, the video just doesn't do it justice, In summer their true colours really come through, deep yellow sides lined with red spots, bright blue false eyes on the back of their heads and crimson tails. And as if this wasn't enough their pelvic fins are fused into a powerful suction cup that allows them to cling on to wave pounded rocks at high tide. And they're armed with a powerful "duck bill" for grinding up the  small crustaceans they feed on.

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