Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Gales, Gulls, and Grey triggerfish.

Winter can be a hard time to photograph. Low light conditions, less Wildlife around, combined with hail and strong winds which can make being out in the field a serious challenge.
However it can also be a time to see some wildlife at it's best. I took these shots down at Bude.
I'll be the first to admit their not the best, but it was fantastic to see the gulls in flying in Gale force winds, with the storm clouds behind. What makes it even more impressive is that you'd never know from the photos how strong the winds were and how fast the gulls were moving; they look completely relaxed.
These are of course black headed gulls in their winter plumage, in summer they look even better with glossy "dark chocolate" hoods emphasising their white ringed eyes.
another good time to spot them is when local farmers are ploughing the fields as Black heads are generally the first (and most numerous) on the seen.
Another highlight of that trip was finding a washed up (unfortunately dead) Grey triggerfish, I've seen these over in the Mediterranean and although I new they were becoming increasingly common along our coasts I've never seen one whilst out snorkelling, hopefully I'll have a bit more luck next summer.

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