Friday, 16 December 2011

Wild Boar

I recently spent a great day photographing wild boars at a nearby estate. The boar are kept in a fenced of woodland and though kept for meat are definitely not tame. Even though I don't usually like to photograph captive animals, (as it always seems like cheating) it was still great to get so close to these magnificent animals. Males can way up to 90kg (A few in Russia have been recorded as being close on 300kg! but I never quite believe the "you should have seen how big it was" stories.) and they are armed with an impressive set of four tusks, for foraging and fighting. Two protrude from the top lip and two from the bottom, they grow constantly and sharpen themselves as they rub against the opposite tusks. 
        However I feel I'm making them sound a bit to scary, though their definitely intimidating. (even on the other side of a fence.) They ran if I made even the smallest movement and generally seemed to regard me with expressions of benign interest. 
        As well as the boar there where several large lakes, as I approached one a group of FOURTEEN herons took to the air, unfortunately by the time I'd whipped out the telephoto lens they'd disappeared.

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