Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Camera trap is back! first off: Wood mice.

My camera trap has been sitting idle for far to long, but I’ve finally got round to using it again. This was filmed last night in the Garden shed. Here their eating bird seed, but it’s amazing what wood mice will turn up to feed on, I’ve filmed them eating Dog food side by side with a fox at the bottom of a neighbors’ garden. Though in the wild their usually herbivores that may take the occasional invertebrate.
I initially wondered if the mice in the film where a pair because the mating season doesn’t usually start until February and I wouldn’t of thought mice would stay together when not breeding- (could it have had something to do with the mild winter? )
         However after a bit of research I discovered that wood mice will often share nests throughout winter (I assume for warmth) with up to four mice sharing one nest.
          Another interesting point about our Garage mice is that they seem to be nesting in a box full of rags on a high shelf, I knew they where great climbers but it’s more usual for them to nest in burrows under hedgerows.
Anyway, now the camera trap is back up there’ll hopefully be lots more to come. 

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