Sunday, 13 November 2011

Stickleback: experimental underwater filming techniques.

The first half of this video was filmed on a canon 550d sealed in an old fish tank and
weighted down with lead diving weights (risky!). However the camera focused on the glass
meaning the film is blurred. But I am confident that I can alter this easily enough in
future. The second half was filmed using a cheap Waterproof camera on a small tripod
attached to another lead weight. As it filmed in low res I was able to film for hours onto
an 8gb SD card, meaning I would be able to leave it on a river bed with a float at the
surface and simply see what turns up (no substitute for free diving but it's getting a
bit cold at the moment :) ). Another idea I had whilst filming this was that with the
fish tank at the surface weighted down halfway it would enable me to take half in
half out shots without the enormous expense of a super wide angle waterproof lens.
It also support smooth paning through the water as you float it along. Useful when
filming in shallow rivers and lakes.

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