Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Snorkelling trip

The venomous Weaver fish (above).

Baby Lumpsucker. Awesome looking fish, The adult males use their suckers to suck on to rocks to stop themselves being washed away whilst guarding the eggs.

This is a compass Jellyfish. Yes, it is venomous but these young whiting seem impervious to it's sting and use it's trailing tentacles to hide from predators.

The results of my last Snorkelling trip: Ballan wrasse (large, blue spots or brown with horizontal yellow stripe), Corkwing  Wrasse (small, green and red stripes round eyes), Spider crab, Compass Jellyfish, large shoal of sprat, and a baby lumpsucker (small and red). This was all spotted in an hour long snorkel out of Talland Bay. The diversity of the Marine ecosystem of our seas never ceases to amaze me.

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