Friday, 17 August 2012

The first test of my new dive camera, a canon s100 with Ikelite case. I've had a few problems with autofocus blurring out but have now switched to manual. The only other problem was an irritating clicking sound when the video is replayed. However whenever I edit underwater video I replace the sound anyway so it's not a big deal. I went out of Port Quinn on Cornwall's north coast, It's not exactly a hotspot but the vis is generally good. The fish of the day was a medium sized flounder, I found a similarly sized flounder (photo posted in May) in almost exactly the same plaice (see what I did there?) only a month ago, could it be the same one?
      One creature in particular was conspicuous only by it's absence: the Spiny spider Crab. August is their breeding season, so perhaps the Port Quinn population has set of to the spawning grounds? I'll certainly be on the look out.
       I'm testing the camera for an exciting new project, that hopefully will be finished by mid September, but  It's top secret until then.


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