Sunday, 24 June 2012

Greater Pipefish

I've recently bought a Canon S100 camera + housing to replace my old Olympus 8010. I took it out for the first time last wednesday with the Truro school Snorkelling club. Vis was poor and there was a strong swell and surge so I wasn't to hopeful of seeing or photographing much. The highlight of the day was this magnificent Greater Pipefish that I found under a stone Whilst paddling around a sheltered gully in an effort to avoid the worst of the swell. 
   Pipefish are basically de-kinked Seahorses.  They move by rapidly whirring  their tiny, translucent fins, feeding on microscopic animals with their long snouts and are usually found hidden in beds of seaweed or eelgrass.
   As with Seahorses it is the males that carry the eggs, in a special brood pouch on the belly.
I'll be heading back to Falmouth as soon as the wind dies down and the sun comes back. Could be a while I know. There are 3 Submarine wrecks close to the Gullies that I'd like to explore closer. 
   And hopefully I'll get the hang of the new camera and be posting some great shots soon.

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