Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Slight freak out when I realised I hadn't posted in over a month, I've had a few technical difficulties involving video format and I'm sitting my A's levels in May but it's time to get back on track.
Most of march was taking up filming amphibians, mainly frogs and toads this year. hopefully I'll be able to put short film together soon, but until then....

I spotted this magnificent pheasant whilst searching for buzzards near my house, he was either incredibly stupid or brave and allowed me to get within 10ft or so.
The peasant is one of our most recognised birds, but they're no native, Pheasants where introduced from Asia and eastern Europe some time in the 10th century (by the Romans). Over 30 million birds have to be bred and released into the countryside each year as adults rarely survive more than a year in the wild and have a very poor breeding success rate (I have only ever seen one female with chicks).
I took these down at St Ives, I had intended to go snorkelling but as you can see behind the Herring gull the conditions where far from perfect, so I cheered myself up with an ice cream, a pasty, and some bird photography.
Starlings are one of my favourite birds to watch, they seem to flourish everywhere -moorland, the beach, cities, and fields. And as well as having pretty stunning plumage they have fascinating social lives, and for their size they're incredibly intelligent.
 St Ives is one of the best places to photograph them, The light is usually perfect and many are so tame they'll take food from your hand. 

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