Tuesday, 24 April 2012

As revision

I've spent most of the Easter holiday sat in our kitchen revising for my As levels (alright I had a few brief breaks for kayaking, surfing and photography). Anyway, I've decided to dedicate this post to some of the common species that made my incarceration bearable.  
First on the list have to be a pair of Grey squirrels; alright I know I'm not supposed to like them, alien invaders, nemesis of the native red etc, but they're one of the easiest mammals to see up close and acting natural.
 'My' pair have a drey (a spherical nest of twigs and leaves) in a nearby tree, they seemed to be intent on replenishing their "caches" (buried stores of food, the squirrels memorise the location of thousands of these to be dug up when the times get hard). 

My next family- a trio of baby rabbits, no bigger than a large hamster. Rabbits are another incredibly successful alien species-introduced by the Normans for food and fur having originated in southern France. Though a pest to farmers they have become the staple food for many native predators, from foxes to buzzards and it was probably baby rabbits like these that last weeks stoat was out searching for.

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