Monday, 13 February 2012

Cliff-top Kestrel

Hey, This is my second post. This guy was photographed on the coastal path just off Portloe. You often see kestrels hovering over hedge rows and scrub lands, on this particular day there was a strong breeze which meant he stayed in the air effortlessly only occasionally moving to change his hunting spot.  This meant I had a good chance to get up close and personal. The numbers of kestrels have declined in resent years due to farming of fallow land which is where their main prey the field vole lives. Kestrels, unlike humans, can see the Ultra violet light reflected of urine trail left behind the voles which enables them to follow the voles far more easily. They are relatively small birds which are common across of the whole of the U.K. (Except for the Farne islands.)
How to see
You will see them on roadside verges coastal paths and most open habitats but mostly luck determines wether you will get a good sighting. 

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